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These general conditions of sale apply to any offer and sale of goods, new or used, or services.

Any order implies acceptance of right by the purchaser of these terms regardless of the terms of purchase of the buyer, which are not binding on the seller, even if submitted after the acceptance of present.

If any provision of these terms and conditions of sale was void or annulled, the other clauses will still be provided not canceled.

The fact that the seller does not make application at any time any article of these conditions shall be construed as a waiver to take advantage later of the said general conditions of sale.

The seller undertakes to ensure that the buyer more favorable conditions that could have been granted to any other buyer for identical control without actual consideration.


Any online order implies acceptance of these terms.


Pre-order items meet the conditions outlined below, supposedly understood and accepted by the buyer. Preordered any purchase on our site will be shipped as soon as the product arrives in our inventory. Urban Shooz is not responsible for any delays on the dates announced. No claim will be considered. If in very exceptional cases, the pre-order can not be met, the Buyer will be fully refunded via the payment method that will be used (at no cost to the buyer).


Prices and VAT rates are those prevailing at the date of order.

They agreed packaging and delivery not included metropolitan France plus possibly the price of the special arrangements chosen by the buyer.


Product prices will be those applicable to the delivery rate. This price may be changed in case of rising costs back from the supplier. Therefore, URBAN SHOOZ undertakes to notify the Buyer of any change in these rates with a notice at least 10 days. The new rates will be applicable to all products from the date of entry into force of the price changes, including the orders during processing / preparation.


Delivery times are always reported as a function of supply options at the time of the offer and are for illustrative purposes only.

Any delay in delivery due to circumstances beyond the control of the seller can not invalidate the order. Seller's liability shall not be held liable for any harm resulting from that delay.

However, if the delivery of goods has not taken place 30 days after the stated delivery date, for any reason other than force majeure, the sale will be canceled and the buyer will be refunded without being able to then claim any compensation.

The seller is released automatically from any liability in case of force majeure or events such as lockouts, strikes, epidemics, war, requisition, fire, flood, accident to machinery, delays in transportation or any other cause leading to a partial or total unemployment for the seller or its suppliers.

The seller will inform the buyer timely cases and events listed above.

Any delay in delivery caused by a characteristic result of force majeure, as the seller, or the resolution outright sale, or extending the time of delivery or availability, and that neither party being able to claim further compensation.

In any event, delivery on time can only occur if the buyer has fulfilled all its obligations to the seller. Urban Shooz will not be held responsible if the package is returned to us due to incorrect or incomplete address. The return postage will be at customer's expense.

Where delivery is by making available, the seller undertakes to inform the purchaser in writing and / or by mail of the date of availability. The buyer agrees to take delivery of goods within 5 days of receipt of the notice of availability. After this period, storage costs will be charged to the purchaser without prejudice to any action qu'entendra lead the seller.

Urbanshooz.fr undertakes to make available to the carrier ordered products within a maximum of 72 hours.


The shipping method selected by the seller is contractually considered as best suited to the delivery of goods shipped. Any differences in this regard will be an express request of the buyer.

Unless otherwise stated, transport operations are the responsibility and expense, risk and peril of the buyer, it belongs to verify receipt of shipment number and condition of goods delivered.

In case of damage or damage, the purchaser must issue the usual caveats on the delivery note and notify the carrier within 48 hours of receipt, by registered letter with acknowledgment.

Reception - control

Control of the delivered goods must take place within 48 hours after delivery.

Without prejudice to take vis-à-vis the carrier, the buyer must inform the seller by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the time specified above all apparent defects or lack of conformity of goods delivered.

After the period specified above, all claims of any kind will be considered inadmissible.

If the buyer expressly or impliedly waives this receipt, the goods will be deemed delivered as ordered.

Defects or workmanship upon examination found no contradiction requires the seller to the replacement, free of charge, goods found defective, excluding any operating loss or damage additional



The buyer has a period of 7 days from the date of receipt to return the goods to the seller. Items damaged or incomplete will not be repeated and you will be returned in original condition, be borne by the buyer. Discounted products or resulted not be exchanged or refunded. Please contact with the CONTACT FORM in advance before a return product. Without any reference into the contract will not be treated. The refund will be made within a maximum of fourteen days by the means of payment used during the online purchase.


Payment can be made as follows:

-    Online (by adding to the access provider's invoice or by credit card, either directly or through an intermediary)

-    By PayPal

The minimum purchase amount is set at 15.00 euros.

Penalty clause

In accordance with Article L441-6 of the Commercial Code, the late penalties are applicable if the amounts due are paid after the payment date on the invoice.

These late fees are calculated on the basis of (say) four times the legal rate and will result in a minimum collection fee of € 100.00.

If the purchaser fails necessitates a recovery litigation, the buyer agrees to pay, in addition to the principal, costs, expenses and fees normally and legally dependent on him, an allowance set at 15% of the principal amount inclusive of the debt with a minimum of 300.00 euros and, as damages and conventional flat.

In case of cancellation of the sale for failure to pay, the amounts paid by the buyer will simply acquired the seller.

Warranty - extended

Goods sold are guaranteed given by the manufacturer. Are covered by this warranty the products of current collections and not the products of previous collections and vintage.

This warranty covers all defects hidden or apparent from the delivery date.

The only obligation of the seller under the warranty is, at its option, free replacement or rehabilitation of property identified as defective by the manufacturer, without compensation or other benefit.

Interventions under the warranty shall not have the effect of extending its duration.

The buyer may not claim any compensation in case of immobilisation of the object due to the application of the guarantee.

Warranty - excluding

The buyer will lose the benefit of legal and conventional warranties particular case:

of abnormal or abusive use of the property;

or repair of all procedures performed by persons other than the seller or not approved by him or by the manufacturer, or if these interventions have not followed the instructions;

Seller may suspend the legal and conventional warranties for late or non payment or part payment of the price of the property.

Warranty - limits

The seller's liability is limited to repair or replace goods that are defective or contains a manufacturing defect, labeling or packaging. Services the seller will be able to find the alleged defects. All other express or implied warranties are excluded. No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage, direct or indirect, whatever the cause. In no case the buyer can not claim in any capacity whatsoever, make any deduction from the amount of the invoice for an incomplete delivery or for goods defective.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This contract is subject to French law.

For all disputes relating to the implementation or interpretation of these conditions, the court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of Commerce of Strasbourg (France) and its president in urgency matters, even in case of multiple defendants.


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